Choosing the right Martial Arts School is simple.

While there are a wide variety of schools in our community, each with its own style, programs, facilities, costs, and other variables, none of those things really matter when it comes to the quality of instruction offered. The primary thing that DOES matter is the quality of the school’s head instructor and his or her staff members. The head instructor dictates the safety policies, the topics for staff training, the curriculum, and the educational focus of the school. The head instructor, along with his or her assistants, directly affect the way the school’s students think about their practice, what they find important, and how the effort is translated from practice on the mat, to skills used in the student’s daily life.

My Name is Brian Ulsh, Head Instructor at WOLF Martial Arts Academy. While we will never claim to be the best school for everyone, we do feel that prospective students and members should know what principles and values we think are important in a good school. As a Head Instructor, I am committed to our staff, students and clients to:

Educate them in what it means to live as a martial artist; how to create positive habits and discover the essence of whom they are and to create goals focused around their values.

Equip the tools needed for them to understand and recognize proper self-defense techniques and strategies, and to effectively accomplish goals they’ve set in life that will help to inspire positive change in themselves and their immediate sphere of influence.

Encourage them to steadfastly and fearlessly stay committed to learning and living the life of a martial artist.

Living the life of a martial artist is one that requires a great deal of discipline and helping others to live that way is something that we are very passionate about. Self-defense is not just about how to throw a proper punch or kick. Self-defense at its essence is the preservation of life. That means that what we eat, how often we exercise, how kind we are to others, how we plan for our future, what we watch, what we listen to, how we treat our environment, how we view ourselves, what we offer to our community and how we deal with stress. These are just as much a part of self-defense as how to properly defend ourselves in an attack.
Meet Brian Ulsh
Owner at WOLF Martial Arts Academy in Yorktown, VA

My staff and I desire to cultivate in our students disciplines that motivate, inspire, and teach them how to improve their physical fitness, self-esteem, and self-confidence. As a result, they have a greater impact on their community and learn to live an influential life filled with purpose as they continue to improve their understanding of martial arts. But don’t just take my word for it. Take advantage of one of our great offers today and see for yourself.

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